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There are countless websites, books and movies published that have a Tudor theme. Here are some of my favorite research tools:

     -Here you will find primary source material on much of the Tudor time period including the War of the Roses, The King's Great Matter and much more.
     -The British National Library is home to some of the best podcasts, videos and other digital media on the Tudor period.
     -JStor is a research database that holds thousands of scholarly, peer-reviewed articles on a wide range of subjects including European history. It is a paid database, but many students have access through their school or university libraries.
The History of Parliament (Membership from 1509-58)
     -The History of Parliament has a wealth of information on the political players of Henry's time. You can search by last name and look up biographies, ennoblements and appointments as well as important legislation, such as that passed by the Reformation Parliament.
     -The Letters and Papers are a great collection that show the everyday happenings of Henry's reign. It includes his correspondence with other monarchs, the Pope, Wolsey and Cromwell as well as Cranmer and other religious leaders of the time.
The Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn
     -This digital copy of Henry's private letters to Anne gives us insight into their complicated relationship and show us the depth to which Henry believed in his own cause.
     -The Paston family letters is the largest consecutive collection of 15th century correspondence in the World. The letters reveal much about life during the War of Roses and are excellent primary sources for writing on the Pre-Tudor era of England.
The Personal Correspondence of the Wives of Henry VIII
     -This site gives the reader access to letters written by each of Henry's wives including the infamous letter to Thomas Culpepper written by Katherine Howard.
The State Papers of England (1509-1714)
     -The state papers provide access to the political, religious, cultural and legal happenings of the Tudor and Stuart eras.
Questia Online Research
     -Questia Online is a professional research tool that allows you to search for full text of articles and books online. I have linked to the Anne Boleyn search results.
     -Under this link you will find a Google word processing files of numerous Anne/Tudor related quotes. Many are primary source which can add depth and authority to your research writing.
     -This 3 dimensional timeline gives you a dramatic overview of the main events ranging from Anne's birth in 1501, her subsequent rise to power and ultimately her untimely death.
The Tudor Family Tree
     -This genealogical record traces the descent of Henry VIII and his offspring from the bastard children of John of Gaunt and his mistress Katherine Swynford. He later married Katherine and legitimized their children, however their family name remained Beaufort.
     -The British Libraries has an amazing series of Henry VIII and the Tudor era podcasts. Check them out to learn more about Tudor fashion, courtly love, Henry VIII's personal life and more!

** Please check back often as I will continue to update the resources regularly.

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