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"I shall praise those faces which seem to project out of the picture as though they were sculptured, and I shall censure those faces in which I see no art but that of outline"
-Leon Battista Alberti

Folders are organized alphabetically by last name. Please contact me if you are searching for images not listed.

Beaufort, Margaret (mother to Henry VII)
Boleyn, Anne
Boleyn Family
Howard, Katherine
La Marc, Ann (Ann of Cleves)
Parr, Kateryn
Plantagenet, Elizabeth (mother to Henry VIII)
Trastamara, Catalina (Catherine of Aragon)
Tudor, Elizabeth
Tudor, Henry VIII
Tudor Family
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  1. Do you have a ETA for when this gallery will be up and running? I need sourced images for a master's level project on the Howard influence on Tudor England.

    1. There are some complications with the HtMl working correctly. Let me know exactly what images you are looking for and I can send you what I have logged. There are no images of Katherine Howard but I do have some of the Earls of Surrey line from the Howard family.